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My name is Suzy and for the last 12 years I've had the absolute honor & privilege of photographing families during their life's greatest moments in Chicago and all around the world (and I have the smile lines to prove it). Now I spend my life working to help parents not only make memories at photoshoots with me in front of my camera, but I also love to teach them how to finally start using their own camera to take beautiful images of their life (and how to do it in a way that is fun and meaningful for everyone!). Because my best and most important work, has been that of my own family.

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Working with me is about so much more than creating pretty pictures to share on Instagram (although that's nice too). It's about the long game - it's a totally personalized, luxury service meant to create not only beautiful images of your family's life but also an experience for you all to get more deeply connected  with each other.

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Filters to transform your phone photos into classic, beautiful images - no weird or trendy colors. 

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I released this lesson from my Photography Course for Parents for free so you can learn how to take Milk Bath photos of your baby (and you don't need a fancy bathroom to do it!)

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Are you about to welcome a new baby and want to take birth and/or hospital photos like the pros do? Download my free Fresh48 Photo Guide so you take all the best shots at the hospital of your new baby! (for big cameras and iPhone)

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Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of buying a camera to start taking pictures of your family, so you just don't? Download my free camera buying guide so you can easily choose the right camera for whatever your budget is!

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Do you want to start taking pictures of your family that are beautiful, authentic and real? Do you want the time that your camera comes out at home to be something that's special and fun for everyone in your family? After photographing families for over 10 years, I've learned that the real secret to getting the most beautiful pictures of your family starts with being deeply connected to them. So I've put together this FREE 5-Day Challenge to help get you more connected and start taking the most incredible pictures of your family.

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5 Day Connection Challenge


Follow along for more about photography, motherhood and life behind the scenes with my own family.


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