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2021 coaching group
for pro photographers

2021 coaching group for pro photographers

Learn how to create images that make you feel something and run a business that leaves you inspired, happy & energized.

for pro photographers who want to run a business and create imagery that feels joyful and real

Learn how to create a beautiful and fun experience for yourself and whoever you're photographing, and find YOUR vision. Don't walk into a shoot memorizing other people's work, show up and know how to execute your own artistic voice to tell a family's story.

Most of all, discover how to have a healthy relationship with your artwork and create a business that leaves you feeling rested, good, and with an endless well of creativity and inspiration.

learn how to take beautiful images that make you feel something and your clients love. 
no matter what location you're in, or how well behaved the kis and parents are, or what the light is like

We all joined this profession because we wanted more freedom in our life. We wanted to do something that was fun and joyful, and that we felt proud of.

After years of photographing families, i've come to learn that taking images with feeling starts with the joy you have for your work. How present you are in your own life.

the 2021 coaching group for pro photographers includes


You'll get 2 one-on-one coaching calls a month (think like therapy for your artwork and business). We'll alternate these with 2 group calls a month to talk about monthly topics and give each other advice and support

My pro photographer course

Get access to my pro photographer course where I pull back the curtain on everything. I'll show you how to master light, and how to guide families into natural posing and movement to create imagery that's beautiful and feels real (even when the kids are being naughty, even the adults are grumpy, and even when the location is limited). We'll also dive into topics like finding your voice and vision, how to create a business that feels good and how to let go of the things that are holding you back like workaholism, perfectionism and not being present in your life

6 months of coaching and learning

This coaching group will go for 6 months from February to August. 2 months to work on your business and learning about how to work with families to create beautiful images and master light. And then 4 months to put everything to work while you're actively shooting.

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