Create and preserve beautiful, authentic family memories with 18 easy-to-edit filters that naturally enhance photos on your phone… 

For parents who want to create lasting family memories straight from their smartphone

… Without worrying that your family will look like they just got dipped in Cheeto dust.

After I lost my father in 2017, I set out on a 3-week road trip through the Pacific Northwest with my husband to remember what made me feel really, truly ALIVE.

That created space for moments like… 

Watching my daughter nap in the backseat of our camper van while we held hands in calm, content silence.

Waking up to no alarm clock to stroll around with a steaming hot coffee in hand, and best of all — with zero agenda.

Parking at Cannon Beach, eating bologna sandwiches, and getting crumbs all over ourselves. (And no vacuum to clean it all up.)

Closing my eyes and listening to the rush of a flowing creek through a forest straight out of Twilight.

It made me want to pick up my camera and savor it all… 

Not just because I was a photographer on a vacation, but because for the first time… 

I was present.

Truly, these were the moments where I created my best work and that I’ll cherish forever.

What you might not know is that -- 

You can have these moments on your mantle, too… And you don’t have to hire me or take an epic road trip to capture them.

You *also* don’t need to stockpile 30,268 photos into your iPhone’s memory that you’ll never look at again… 

… Or delete them all because they were “bad”, blurry or not quite what you’d hoped for.

So I’m pulling back the curtain on the secret *most* pro photographers share --

Newsflash: NONE of our photos actually look amazing right away!

What sets us apart is a good dose of perspective, gratitude, presence, and…

There’s nothing more powerful than a photo to remind you what you’re fighting for.

With one click on your smartphone, 



Even if… 

Edit your photos effortlessly…. With a bright and natural touch that still keeps it real. 

Enhance every memory beautifully…. No matter how diverse your family is.

Capture *that* moment intuitivelyEven if it’s dark in the house or cloudy on the playground.

Share photographs with your loved onesThat has them wondering if YOU turned into a pro photographer overnight.

Instead, what if you could… 

… Even better, what if you could do it ALL without buying a fancy camera, shelling out dollars for a big photo shoot, or telling the kids to “SIT STILL!” one more time?

Half the battle of taking good family photos is simply taking the photo.

18 mobile filters that can turn *anyone* who has a smartphone into a pro family photographer in one click! 

Allow me to take care of the rest — touching up that blurry photo, enhancing the light, and quality with… 

The Simple Presets

Because as a parent myself, I totally get it — between homeschooling your kid, feverishly tidying up while they nap, or simply giving all your energy to your family… 

At the end of the day, the photo you capture TODAY is the only one you’ll ever get of that smile, that dimple, and that moment.

All you need is your phone — these presets will do the rest.

We’re already overwhelmed enough — so why should preserving the legacy that you’re creating feel any more challenging than it should be?

After years of photographing couples, families, and kiddos, I’ve channeled my bright, effortless and natural aesthetic into inclusive mobile presets that help you bring out the true beauty in every photo you take.

The Simple Presets include 18 filters to accommodate:


From light to medium and dark skin tones (plus biracial families), The Simple Presets is committed to inclusivity and consistently upgrading to ensure every filter feels natural to your unique skin color.


Whether you’re dealing with a too-sunny day at the beach, fluorescent lighting in the hospital, a night out with the family, or low lighting in the house — The Simple Presets are designed to help bring out the beauty in all of it.


You don’t need to be a professional photographer to use The Simple Presets — all you need is a smartphone and you’ll be good to go!

But with The Simple Presets, I know that SOMETHING will always work for us with one click and no extra adjusting. Nowadays, even my husband says ‘just put it in the preset!’ because it's becoming part of our process of taking photos! 

They really change things — I’ve become so confident in seizing the moment when I take a photo… Even when the weather is bad, they brighten everything!”

— Marquita Thompson

"When I’ve purchased presets before, they make black skin look orange and take SO many steps to just make my photos look normal."

"Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

— Shane

"I was able to start my own business, and I love it!"


When you purchase The Simple Presets, 


you’ll get instant access to:


Used in combination with the FREE app Lightroom Mobile, you’ll be able to easily download all the presets to edit on your phone anytime to achieve that light, airy and bright aesthetic for your family photos that still keep it natural.

Once you have the presets, I want you to be able to make the most out of them! That’s why you’ll always be able to access my instructional videos to help you use them with confidence.

It’s simpler than most people think! (My top tip? Once you clean your smartphone camera lens, you’ll drastically improve the quality of your photos!) Steal my tricks for using your smartphone like a pro photographer — these are the secrets I wish everyone had and that I use myself on every single photo shoot the second I run out of film. 

Try The Simple Presets for a full 30 days risk-free. Don’t love what you see? I’ll buy them back from you for a full refund.

money back 




"Now I have a good eye for capturing kids!"

“Okay, how many parents DON’T want to take photos of their kids? I wish everyone knew how The Simple Presets can make your iPhone photos prettier and better — since I bought them, I’m learning how to photograph busy toddlers and my photos are evolving a lot more. 

In fact, someone asked me to take their family photos because of how much better my photos are looking... This is because of you, Suzy! Now I have a good eye for capturing kids, thanks to her.”

— Jessica McNitt

Now I have a good eye for capturing kids!

“The Simple Presets help me capture the gratitude and beauty in the moment.”

“Whenever I saw Suzy’s beautiful work, I always wanted to know… How do I get my photos to look like THAT? Her presets help me capture the moment, the self gratitude and beauty and gives me such a good reason to look back.

When my mum passed away, I wanted every photo together — my kid is two years old and she passed when he was nine months old. I’m preserving all those memories now and evolving them in the future…

And I feel so differently about photography! I recognized that my children are going to look back on our photos and say ‘that was my mum’, not that ‘she was overweight!’.

I’m realizing they’re all family memories instead, and I keep sharing the presets with others… I gifted them to my sister for her birthday and already have them earmarked for little Christmas gifts!”

— Hayne Citron

Work with *any* photo you take: 

Sure, you could try fiddling with Instagram filters for free… 

But if you want to create lasting photographs that will hold up beyond an Insta story… 

(The kind that your 29-year-old kids will be framing!)

The Simple Presets are the only filters that create a consistent, organic, and high-quality finish to smartphone photos with inclusivity, family environments, and legacy in mind.

No other mobile filters or presets… 

Whether it’s a portrait of your kid or *gasp* a photo of YOU (finally!), The Simple Presets are designed to enhance the natural beauty of any photograph without overdoing it.

Create a professional feel for family photos, conveniently:

Got a smartphone and a few minutes to steal for yourself during naptime? That’s ALL you need to edit your photos with The Simple Presets. Seriously!

 Focus on creating a natural aesthetic with a bright feel:

Without compromising your skin tone, background or colors in your photos! My signature style is instantly yours for just $45.

And when you purchase The Simple Presets,

Easily edit old and new photos alike with a consistent look and feel to preserve them for years to come.

Consciously capture more memories, knowing that you have everything you need to enhance *whatever* state you took them in.

Confidently step in front of the camera, too! (And stop hiding behind it.)

you’ll get access to my personal approach and tailor it to your needs — becoming a better photographer in the process.

You’ll walk away with the tools, resources, and tutorials to:

Are you ready to invest in beautiful memory-making?

Family photographer, mama to Lenni + Rhea, gardening enthusiast, and Post Malone superfan (when I’m driving alone in my car)... 

Hi! I'm Suzy!

If we haven’t met in your Instagram DMs or at a garden store in Chicago… 

Because whether you pick up your iPhone or your camera to snap a millisecond in time (but truly, a memory carved for life — crawling isn't around forever!)…

What you’re *really* doing is choosing joy, love, and presence in a click that bookmarks something in your brain that says: 

“I’m so grateful for this moment.”

As parents, we *all* have shared experiences — the nights we’re up nursing from 3.33 AM to 6.27 AM, the days we’re wearing mismatched socks with our head in hands on the couch, and the times our loved ones look into our baby’s eyes for the first time… 

… And what changes those moments ^^ into mementos is how you feel about them and the perspective you have. 

And I believe that photographs are a sacred way to connect with your family and children.

Hey — I hear you.

On most days, it can be so hard to choose to see what’s good in what can feel like a messy, chaotic life… 

… But gosh, is it infinitely more rewarding for your Future Self.

What would you give to see the gaps between your son’s teeth because they haven’t all come in yet, what would you give to see that smile when he’s 15?

What would you give to listen to your daughter say “quiply” instead of “quickly” when she’s 22?

When we give ourselves space to take photos, we’re gifting ourselves stories that will help our families process all they experienced together. 

That’s why I created The Simple Presets — because when you can edit a photo to make it look and feel beautiful, we remember them differently.

When it enhances the joy and love in your photos, you’ll actively preserve them (and have fun doing it!) and be selective… 

… Instead of mass deleting memories that had the potential to be something everlasting.

My hope is that The Simple Presets give you the opportunity to take pause, embrace the chaos of raising children and never feel like you “missed a moment” ever again when taking photos…

So that you can continue to find greater joy, gratitude, and ease in sharing memories that don’t have to be picture-perfect, but simply let kids be kids in their element.

But it’s crazy in my house whenever I try to take a photo, Suzy!

Do you want to capture family memories with wayyy more fun and way *less* overwhelm?

18 Mobile Presets

The Simple Presets Complete Editing Guide

The Zero-Fluff Guide To Editing Photos On Your Phone

The Simple Presets give any photo a clean, organic, and professional finish that you can cherish forever and include:


Transform the sweetest moments into shareable mementos, like Marquita…  

Capture every moment knowing you can enhance it *anytime* (hello, cloudy beach days!), like Jessica…  

And trust that your photos will turn out beautiful *and* natural, every time.

if you value… 

Feel-Good, Inclusive Filters

The Simple Presets are for you

With presets designed for a variety of skin tones — and specific ones to support darker skin tones — The Simple Presets don’t exclude *anyone* from using these filters to enhance their photos and genuinely feel good about the finished result. No oversaturated, orange-y skin dipped in Cheeto dust to be found here.

Raw, Real & Honest Moments

The Simple Presets aren’t about turning everyday moments into a couture photo shoot: they’re designed to retain the beauty of what you’re capturing and bring it to the surface with a natural, organic finish that embraces and elevates what’s real.

Easy-Peasy Editing

All you need to use The Simple Presets is a smartphone and the Lightroom app — that’s it! Editing photos of your kiddos might just become your new favorite hobby during their naptime, on your next road trip, or seconds after you’ve captured an unmissable moment.

Legacy-Leaving Finishes

Whether you’ve got a pile of old photos that need to be edited or you know there’s so much more memory-making up ahead, The Simple Presets give you the tools you need *immediately* to apply a beautiful, professional finish to all your photographs that will have your kids asking how you created it all just from your phone when they’re all grown up. 

(Until then, my students end up gifting these presets to their very own siblings, aunts, and mama friends soon after they all get a peek at the transformations!)

Do these presets work with *any* smartphone?

Yes! No worries in this department.

Still scrolling? You must have more questions about The Simple Presets!

Do I have to pay for an additional app to use the presets?

Nope! All you’ll need to do to use the presets is install the Lightroom Mobile app, which is 100% free.

Do I have to be a super good photographer to use these presets?

No way! These presets are meant to improve any photo on your phone — whether you're a pro photographer or a parent who wants to learn how to take great pictures using just your phone. And they are SO easy to use. 

They're designed to be a one-click preset but the presets come with a guide on how to easily make adjustments that anyone can understand and do themselves.

Can I use these presets on my computer?

No, these presets are just for use on your phone.

Will the presets work for my unique skin tone and my whole family?

Yes! The Simple Presets were designed to accommodate light, medium, dark, and biracial skin tones. 

When you purchase the Simple Presets, you’ll receive an option to choose between presets designed for light to medium skin tones or presets designed for medium to dark skin tones to make sure you get the most out of these. 

I encourage Simple Preset members to download both sets and try all of them out to see what works best for you!

I’m dishing all the answers right here:

“Suzy’s presets have the professional, glowy stuff that you love — they just pull in all the good aspects of your lighting and enhance everything to make it so much better!”

My mom thought I’d hired Suzy for a photoshoot!

"Now when I send photos of our baby to my friends, they notice the difference and ask me if I bought a fancy camera (they went out and purchased the presets too, as soon as I told them I just used my phone!) and my mum even thought I’d done a photoshoot with Suzy! She helped me see that you don’t need to have the equipment of a photographer to end up with a good final product.”

– Tina Nguyen-Bissell

“Madeline gave me the courage to finally quit my day job and start my own business. I couldn't be happier!”


Started his own business


Get The Simple Presets today and receive:


Used in combination with the FREE app Lightroom, you’ll be able to easily download all the presets to edit on your phone anytime to achieve that light, airy and bright aesthetic for your family photos that still keeps it natural — with options to accommodate every type of lighting environments, skin tone, and photography skill level.


Once you have the presets, I want you to be able to make the most out of them! That’s why you’ll always be able to access my instructional videos to help you use them with confidence.


It’s simpler than most people think! (My top tip? Once you clean your smartphone camera lens, you’ll drastically improve the quality of your photos!) Steal my tricks for using your smartphone like a pro photographer — these are the secrets I wish everyone had and that I use myself on every single photo shoot the second I run out of film. 

“The Simple Presets are SO easy to use — they help your photos change subtly to enhance them. The lighting and the certain degrees of stuff she has in there is so thoughtful. Suzy really thought about iPhones taking photos and how a preset can make it look natural without messing up the original photo! You still have what you saw, it just makes it look better. 

They don’t drastically change your photo to an alien with white hair… Instead, everything looks so crisp, gives it a certain mood and it looks like you actually took time to take the photo. The Simple Presets make me feel like I’m a better photographer!”

- Leyla Tran

"I feel like a better photographer!"

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