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I've been photographing families for over 14 years but for many years, I felt stressed out and stuck in my work. 

I had invested so much time learning how to shoot like other people, memorizing poses and prompts from other photographers, that there was no room for me to show up and be myself. And there was no room for the families I was photographing to be themselves (which was the whole reason I got into lifestyle photography to begin with, to tell each family's story).

All of that pressure to fit my work into a specific box left me feeling uninspired and a huge lack of confidence, always comparing myself to others and wondering why I couldn't create the imagery or business that I had always dreamt of having. 

Why did it not work for me?

That's why I created Home Grown. Because I want you to have the tools to start showing up to your shoots feeling excited and inspired, create work that you're proud of, and run a business that allows you to spend time in your life rather than taking away from it.  And I'm ready to teach you EVERYTHING I've learned to get there. 

start having the confidence to be yourself

Are you ready to change your photography business?

I could never find a course that I actually could learn from until this [class] with Suzy was offered. My work has never been better. My business has never been so profitable. It's like a grad class in business and photography, but written just for you. 10/10!

— Caili helsper

"My work has never been better."

A lot of people have said to me over the years, "But Suzy, I can't do what you do. It's just a natural gift that I don't have!"

But I promise you, everything in my work you see are things that I had to teach myself how to do. 

Knowing how to work with families doesn't take natural talent

Because taking great images and knowing how to deeply connect with families in your photoshoots isn't about having specific skills or natural talents, it's about learning how to SEE things differently.  

But here's the secret...

Forget all the posing flows we cling to as beginning photographers and learn how to truly understand families and children so you can guide your clients through a fun experience that leaves you with work you're proud of and a business that adds to your life instead of takes from it.



Learn how to really understand families and children.  So that no matter who you are photographing or what location you're shooting in, whether the kids want to listen to your direction or not, you can know how to guide families to play with each other and have a connective, fun experience. And ultimately work that you're proud of. 

One of the biggest challenges to creating great photos of families - photos that feel like real, genuine moments - is knowing how to put people at ease. In Home Grown you'll learn how to put anyone at ease that's in front of your camera (not just model families in beautiful homes with perfect California light).

Here’s What You’ll Learn

learn family dynamics, not prompts


feature one

feature two

So many of us photographers spend all of our time and energy on taking better pictures that we neglect the most important foundation to truly mastering our work - knowing how to step up and be a great leader in our business.

Be a great leader

feature four

Stop just taking clients somewhere for an hour and posing them. Learn how to dream up fun and unique session experiences for your clients that leave them feeling connected, joyful and excited to work with you again and again.

how to create a true experience

feature Three


Show up to your shoots with excitement instead of stress

How would it feel to...

Create beautiful images for every family regardless of the location, light, or challenges you're presented with.

So let me ask you this

Feel like a true leader in your business

Create brand loyal clients who will hire you year after and after.

Build a business that inspires you and allows you space to enjoy your life, instead of just photographing others'.

How It Works

Sign up for the class (registration is only open at certain times of year)


Get access to lessons and behind-the-scenes videos of me (Suzy) shooting with clients. Access begins May 22, 2022.


Over summer 2022, I'll be hosting 4 zoom classes where you can hop on and we'll go through some of the material together, and you can even ask me questions.

and then

start learning to embrace how you see the families you show up for, instead of trying to create something you saw in someone else's work.

"The course was one of the most beneficial things I did for my business and honestly my personal life."

[Home Grown] gave me the push I desperately needed to make necessary changes in my business. What is so amazing about Suzy is that she managed to help me truly see and connect with my own heart, desires and creativity. I also love that she encourages balance, rest and building a business that works with your life. I am so grateful for Suzy and this course.


Yes, It Really Works

"For a long time I felt like I was stuck in a box where I had to follow these certain rules the industry has put into place if I wanted to run a successful business."

[Suzy] is such an incredible educator because [she] didn't make me feel like I needed to follow any of these rules to be successful. This course has given me the confidence to really embrace my art and not care what my Instagram feed looks like or if my client wears certain clothing.


"The class felt really approachable and encouraging/ inspiring."

I loved Suzy's energy and spirit while teaching and encouraging everybody. She saw everyone where they were at, and while it's easy to second guess our work, I felt like she was very affirming and it felt as if she really believed in each photographer individually. Helped me feel like what I want to strive for [this year] can actually be accomplishsed.



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Beyond learning how to see family photography in a new way, a barrier for many of the photographers I teach is simply confirmation that a lot of the problems they experience are a normal part of being in this business vs those issues being reflective that something is wrong with them. 

Grumpy parents.

People who feel awkward in front of the camera.

Homes with challenging light.

Kids who don't want to take any of your direction. 

14 years in and I STILL experience these things.

The difference is that I know how to work around these challenges and flow with them rather than getting stuck stressing at a shoot, thinking that these things are a reflection of my skills or myself as a photographer. 

And I'm going to teach you how to separate your self worth from these obstacles and guide your clients through them too. 

You're already on the right track

You're going in the right direction. Let me help take you the rest of the way.

Leveling up your work and investing in your business means that you get to raise your prices and elevate the experience you offer your clients. But that can often feel scary and confusing. So everyone who signs up for Home Grown will get access to my Raising Prices: Masterclass, a class on how to raise your prices this year. 

Grab your seat today and get my raising your prices: Masterclass

raising your pRices: masterclass


how to play with families and how to guide them to play & connect with each other at your shoots

how to put your clients at ease and open up for those heartfelt images you want to take for them

how to prep your clients before and during a shoot so they're ready and willing to take your direction the way you want them to

 how to dream up fun and unique session experiences for your clients

feel more confident in how to talk to clients about your work (even on instagram)

join a community of photographers for support, encouragement & friendship

By the end of this course, you will learn...

I've been photographing families for over 14 years in the Chicagoland area. I specialize in offering a big splurgey photography experience for families to play and connect with each other, and create beautiful photographs of their life as the end result. I'm most proud of the fact that I've built a business that supports me and my family and allows me time to be with them.

Your Biz Coach


hello. i'm

having time to connect with your OWN life WILL BE YOUR greatest asset FOR PHOTOGRAPHING OTHERS'

Before I figured out how to find confidence in the competency of my work, I found a false sense of confidence in how MUCH I was working. Years of overworking and undercharging left me burnt out and depleted. And I wasn't proud of or inspired by the work I was making.

When I took a step back and learned to make space for my own life and my own family, instead of spending all of my time photographing others' lives, that's when I started to gain clarity around how to work with families. It wasn't my skills that changed the course of my work or business, it was being able to take a step back and see things differently. I opened my eyes to what was truly special and precious about being alive and what a gift it is to be with my family. 

You don't need to be a parent or have natural talents or special gear to start seeing your work in the way I did years ago for the first time.

because here's the thing

Study at your own pace with pre-recorded lessons and bts videos

learn along with me in 4 live zoom classes

GROW YOUR SUPPORT NETWORK with other photographers

Follow a proven roadmap

this program includes everything you need to do that thing!

That your course or product can only take them so far. That not only applying what they will learn but sweat equity into their vision is the only way to move the needle. And then you are going to leave them with something majorly thought-provoking...

Great news!

Changing the way you see things at your shoots

Taking your photography to the next level

Attracting your dream clients and feeling happy and inspired in your work

Feeling more confident and clear in how you want to show up online and in your marketing messaging to clients

Being a true leader in your business

Do the hard work of being uncomfortable. Like raising your prices or saying no to clients who aren't the right fit. 

Having more time to be present in your life and making memories with your family

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

JOIN HOME GROWN. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

If you put in the work, watch all of the lessons, show up to the classes, and still don't think that this class serves you, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Because I believe so much in this approach and how it's worked for me. And because wanting to see you succeed and build the business of your dreams is my number #1 priority.

money back 


This     for you if:

You're ready to take the next step and invest in yourself and your business

this is not a class on lighting or editing

You are in THIS industry because you want to make work for your clients that's meaningful


You're ready to put in the time and do the work

It's probably     
for you if...

you have a lot of debt from purchasing prior courses and workshops



It's probably     
      for you if...

Let’s Do This together!



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6 payments of


Select the plan that works for you:

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Send me an email asking me any questions and I'll send you a personalized audio or video note back. 

Still on the fencE?

Follow along for more about photography, motherhood and life behind the scenes with my own family.


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