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I've been in business as a family photographer for 12 years and have worked with over 700 mothers and families, as well as globally recognized brands like Medela and Monica + Andy on creating imagery that speaks to parents. I've put in well over my 10,000 hours on both the business and creative sides to Simply by Suzy and now I want to help you too. If you're a family photographer looking to take your business to the next level, if you want to truly understand what it takes to be a successful photographer in this industry, to increase your pricing with confidence and have the mental clarity to finally start making your dreams a reality... then this might be right for you.


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Years ago i found myself struggling, broke, and wondering whether it was time to give up. I had been photographing families for so long, and yet I was still finding myself stuck in patterns of work that left me burnt out, no time to be with my family or care for myself, and still living paycheck to paycheck. And then we had a new baby... and my dad died... lots of unexpected repairs popped up for our home... and then my husband lost his job. I was in my lowest hour and I knew I needed to make a change because the reality was, I wasn't ready to give up on myself or my dreams. So I hired a coach with the little bit of money I had and since then I've been on a journey that's brought me more joy and financial wealth and mental clarity and freedom than I could have ever imagined. And it was all because I chose to invest in ME. Now I want to help others finally stop the cycle of burn out and self sabotage that I escaped from too.

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the simply by suzy experience


1. 2 hour onboarding call to take a fine tooth comb to the life you want vs the life you're living.

2. 1 hour coaching call once a week with suzy for 6 months to keep you on track and creatively inspired.

3. access to ask suzy questions regarding photography or business any time through the marco polo app 

4. portfolio building - get creative counsel from suzy with thorough critique to your work, pinpointing what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to take your work to the next level 

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the simply by suzy experience

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Do you have a project you've always dreamt of executing but don't know where to start? Are you ready to raise your pricing but not sure how to get clients to invest in your vision? Do you want to start booking more of the amazing clients you dream of but not sure they exist? Let's get on a discovery call and talk about aalllll these things and more so you can see if coaching and mentoring is the right fit for you.

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Follow along for more about photography, motherhood and life behind the scenes with my own family.


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